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Become An Instructor. Great Rates. PassMeFast

Great Rates

Our rates are competitive and we pay upfront. We don't even charge franchise fees!

Become An Instructor.Theory Test. PassMeFast

More Pupils

We've got plenty of learners looking to take lessons once the current lockdown has been lifted!

Become An Instructor. Flexibility. PassMeFast


Take as many or as few jobs as you like, with no minimum commitment needed.

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From Anywhere

Wherever you are based, we have plenty of courses which may interest you.

Join the PassMeFast team today

Want job alerts in your area, completely for free? Want to be paid up front before you start a lesson?

Intensive courses driving with a difference

Here at PassMeFast we have a very unique offering. Unlike other driving schools, we don't charge franchise fees, and we offer competitive rates and access to our busy job board.

Our speciality lies with intensive driving courses and booking early practical tests. This means our pupils can pass their tests within weeks after making their initial booking, rather than months. Joining PassMeFast means you'll be teaching courses, rather than individual lessons, meaning you'll spend less time travelling and more time teaching—and you’ll get paid upfront.

Joining PassMeFast means you could fill up your diary within a few short weeks! Because our pupils have booked in for a premium, fast-track service, course cancellations are almost non-existent—so you won’t be left in the lurch. Our courses range from 5 to 48 hours, so you’ll be free to take courses that fit in with your timetable and around your existing pupils. If you’re going through a busy period, though, don’t worry: there is no minimum number of courses—simply take as many as you wish to take on.

Wherever you are based, we have plenty of courses which may interest you. Contact us for further information and to get the ball rolling!


How do I start taking work from PassMeFast?

Simply register your interest at our Become An Instructor page, or call us on 0333 123 4949.

Do I have to pay any joining fees?

You don't have to pay any joining fees or franchise fees. Simply register your interest and get the ball rolling today!

How is PassMeFast keeping driving lessons safe?

PassMeFast is following all government guidance to help stop the spread of coronavirus. As part of this, we're asking all instructors to:

  • Wipe down all points of contact before each lesson
  • Wear face masks, disposable gloves, and clothing that covers the arms and legs
  • Confirm with students before each lesson that neither they nor anyone in their household is showing symptoms of COVID-19

We are also asking students to wash their hands thoroughly before each lesson, and to wear disposable gloves in the car. Please visit the PassMeFast website for full safety information.

Do I have to put your branding on my car?

No, you don't have to put any PassMeFast branding on your car.

I'm already part of a franchise. Can I still join PassMeFast?

It doesn't matter if you're part of a franchise. There's no minimum commitment and with our variety of courses you can fit everything around your schedule.

Can I keep teaching my own pupils?

Our courses are completely flexible—you can fit everything around your timetable and your current pupils.

Which areas do you cover?

We've recently expanded to cover the whole of Great Britain, so it doesn't matter which area you're based in: we've got plenty of courses which may interest you.

What courses do you offer?

PassMeFast offers a variety of courses ranging from our refresher 5-hour course to our beginner 48-hour course.

Do the courses have to be intensive?

Our courses are flexible and can be structured to suit the student's and instructor's needs. As such, we also offer semi-intensive courses.

What hourly rate will I be paid?

The hourly rate for PassMeFast instructors varies depending on factors like course length and location. Our rates are competitive and you'll get paid upfront.

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